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The word “Kanjiroba” is derived from the land of Dolpo region of the Karnali zone. It is the name of the famous mountain named "Kanjiroba himal" which is situated on the western part of Nepal and it's altitude is 6,883 meter from the sea level. Kanjiroba Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. has no long history, But rather is operated by a team of experienced and mountaineering professionals i.e. guide and Sherpas who have 20 years of experience in this field by organizing, leading and providing the quality services and are also familiar with languages, cultural and customs values. We have our valuable guests coming from different parts of the world. Our main guests are from Germany and England. Rest of them is from Australia, Austria Belgium, Canada, France, Hongkong, Singapore, and Switzerland. Thailand and U.S.A. Read more ..

What our Guest says?
1. Kanjiroba is on the first place on “Google”-seeking-machine, the most famous one here.

Roland Siwy
Munich, Germany

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